Groundhop UK – advice ahead of Monday’s game

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We are anticipating a busy day at Glevum Park on Easter Monday with the visit of Fairford Town to Glevum Park, for our final Hellenic League fixture of the 2018/19 season, as well as the penultimate game of this weekend’s Hellenic League Groundhop, so we’re offering some advice to all visitors, including our regular spectators.

Travel to the site and parking arrangements: If you haven’t been to Glevum Park before, we would ask that you access the ground via Lower Tuffley Lane unless you are a pedestrian (in which case the Shakespeare Avenue side of the ground is suitable). The published postcode for our ground – GL2 5DT – can end up taking you to either side of the ground, so if you’re driving please use GL2 5DN and follow the route on this YouTube video: Getting to Glevum Park

Save for visiting players and visiting officials, the majority of spectators will be directed to a car-park just before the ground, namely at local company Marshall Langston, who have kindly agreed to support our event. Marshall Langston’s car-park is approximately 200 yards before the entrance to Glevum Park and can be seen on the left-hand side at the 50 second mark in the YouTube video (it is the building with the green gates). That car-park will be open from 12:45pm. All parking is free of charge.

If you travel by motor vehicle and access from the Shakespeare Avenue side of the ground, please be respectful of local residents and do not attempt to park in the resident’s parking immediately outside the ground under any circumstances.

Admission prices: As part of the Groundhop agreement, all spectators attending Glevum Park – with the exception of season-ticket holders and U16s – will pay the standard admission price. Concessions will not be available on the day. All the Groundhoppers have paid the full admission price, so it would be inappropriate to then offer concessions to other spectators.

Admittance: Season ticket holders and spectators attending with an official Groundhop UK pass should ensure they have tickets ready to display at the gate. In the event that we experience any queueing we will look to fast-track those with season-tickets and Groundhop passes, using the gates adjacent to our turnstiles.

Programmes: We have printed a significant number of additional programmes. They will not be available on the turnstiles, however, in order to ensure that access is granted swiftly and will be available from specific areas inside the ground. They will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to Glevum Park tomorrow. We’d ask you to be respectful of our neighbours, as well as all players, officials and visitors. The weather forecast is fantastic and we hope everyone has a terrific day.

In closing, we’d like to thank the organisers of Groundhop UK – specifically Chris Berezai, who has been a great source of advice and assistance – for their support in making this day possible. We hope that all their guests are able to join our friends from Fairford Town and our wonderful supporters in making this a good day for everyone.