Notice of Annual General Meeting 2024




NOTICE is hereby given that an Annual General Meeting of Tuffley Rovers Association Football Club will be held at Glevum Park on Saturday the 22nd day of June 2024 at 12:30pm.

The meeting shall be properly constituted after a period of at least 21 days’ written notice, provided herein. The purpose of the meeting will be to:

  • Receive the report of the Executive Committee and the auditor;
  • To elect the officers and other members of the Football Committee;
  • To elect the officers of the Executive Committee;
  • Any other business or the consideration of any resolution, which has been submitted to the General Secretary at least fourteen days before the meeting.

The proposed agenda of the meeting will be:

  1. Apologies;
  2. Matters arising from minutes of previous AGM;
  3. Officers’ reports;
  4. Adoption of club accounts;
  5. Election of life members;
  6. Election of officers;
  7. Election of Football Committee;
  8. Amendments to the Club constitution;
  9. Football membership fees 2024/25;
  10. Any other business (provided not later than 12:30pm on 8th June 2024).

Any current member of Tuffley Rovers Association Football Club is entitled to attend the meeting. Voting shall be restricted to the members of the Football Section and Life Members, as set out in the constitution of Tuffley Rovers AFC.

The committee vacancies subject to election at the AGM are:

              Role                                                                                 Current post-holder

  • Executive Chair                                                     (vacant)
  • Football Chair                                                        Dan Boon
  • Vice-Chair of Football Committee                     Dean Brooks
  • General Secretary                                                  Neil Spiller (acting)
  • Treasurer                                                                 (vacant)
  • Assistant Treasurer                                               Sonia Spiller
  • Football Secretary                                                 Neil Spiller
  • Assistant Football Secretary                               Will Cronshaw
  • Head of Football Development                          Ken Blackburn
  • Football Welfare Officer                                      Leah Whiffen
  • Commercial Manager                                          (vacant)
  • Players’ Representative                                       (vacant)

The Football Committee also has five vacancies for committee volunteers. Posts are currently held by:

  • Keith Wallington

If you wish to be considered for election to any of the roles please confirm this, via email and specifying which post you intend standing for, to no later than 5pm on Thursday 20 June 2024.

The agenda, minutes of the previous AGM and any other papers (including the club accounts) usually supplied for the Annual General Meeting shall be made available via our website in advance of the meeting. A limited number of printed copies will be made available at the meeting.

Dated this 31s day of May, 2024.

By order of the Executive Committee of Tuffley Rovers AFC

Neil Spiller

(Acting) General Secretary, Tuffley Rovers AFC

This notice shall be posted to the club’s website, social media channels and on club noticeboards.